Saturday, August 29, 2015


You walk in the doors- teens mill about chatting with friends, laughing, texting and checking social media on their phones. The wall of sound hits you square in the face, for an overwhelming moment you want to walk back out. You side step the crowd coming in behind you and slip into a corner. No one notices. The garbled conversations make you want to press your fingers over your ears.

Service starts and everyone else sits down with friends their conversations now in hushed voices. You sit by yourself in the back and fiddle with a nonexistent piece of lint on your clothing.  The lights finally go out and you let out your breath. The songs go on and you finally begin to relax.

The lights go on and they break down into small groups and you inwardly groan. How much longer?


The others chat, laugh, joke- without giving you even a glance. The teacher asks your name and tells you how glad she is that you are there. Minutes creep by, finally, the teacher closes with prayer and you can escape.

I know how it feels to be ignored, to feel like your invisible, that your an outsider, not wanted. It's horrible- it's just as horrible to have the people you consider friends ignore you. When you see the "new kid" or the one in the corner-  or the person sitting by themselves. Reach out, talk to them, ask them to sit with you or if you can sit with them. Invite them to sit with you next week.

You never know what someone else is going through. If you are a person that is outgoing and makes friends easily. Reach out- be Christ to someone. No one likes being the new kid.