Sunday, February 28, 2016

The Adventures Of The Daughter Of A Hollywood Actress - Act 4

News Update 1: After begging and dreaming and searching and praying, I am finally going to learn how to play the violin. Screams. Giggles. Clapping. Jumping up and down. Though I'll have to wait till after the play. I can't believe I well finally be able to play the songs I've always wanted to.

Mission Impossible,
Game of Thrones (terrible show but great soundtrack),
The Hanging Tree,
Safe and Sound,
Misty Mountains (from the Hobbit),
Now We Are Free (from Gladiator),
My favorite songs from Pirates of the Caribbean (He's a Pirate, Hoist The Colors and My Jolly Sailor Bold) and The Last of the Mohicans (The Kiss, Promentory, and I Will Find You).

News Update 2: Rehearsals for the play is going well. I think we are supposed to have all of the lines memorised and by this week. Scary. But we must be doing good because we keep cracking our teacher up. We don't have time to make the costumes historically accurate (it's supposed to be set in the 30s) so we're are trying to go for at least a vintage look (40s or 50s).

Monday, February 22, 2016

Romantic Updo Hairstyle

For This hairstyle, we sectioned off the top part of the hair over the left ear and braided it.  We put an elastic band to hold it and then set aside.  The rest of the hair was separated in three or for sections. 
These were brushed and swept back from the face and clipped to keep out of the way.  Then one at a time they were pinned using bobby pins into rosettes.  When they were done we just moved on to the next one.  

We have them set one on top, next two and one on the bottom. When they were set like we liked them we pulled the braided section and pulled it up over the head like a head band and then under the hair.  This braid is then finessed into the hair and bobby pinned in place.  We bought flowers at Hobby Lobby and glued them to special flat plated bobby pins and used them to decorate the hair further. 

Monday, February 15, 2016

I'm Possible

Ever feel like it's just impossible? It's too high a goal? Too hard to accomplish? Too lofty a height? Too scary? Too big a thing for little old you. So you tell yourself it's impossible, that you'll never touch those stars... Me too. All the time!

Nothing is impossible the word its self-says I'm possible - Audrey Hepburn
First of all, I love Audrey Hepburn, not only was she a great actress but a very wise woman. She has some great quotes out there that you should really check out but this one has to be one of my favorites. I'm also a huge fan of inventors and creators (I know- sounds crazy but there is some much we can learn from them). Many of them started with nothing. Some immigrants with just the clothing on their backs. But that didn't stop them. They took to the skies in an attempt to touch those stars. 

“What is impossible with man is possible with God.” Luke 18:27

Yes, sometimes we will fail. Sometimes we will slip and come tumbling down. Sometimes we will get hurt, sometimes we will want to give up. But if it is where He wants you I can promise you it will be well worth all of the pain. All of the fear. All of the exhaustion. With God all things are possible. Trust Him. He will always have your back. If He is pulling you toward the cliff perhaps He is teaching you how to fly.

What if I fall? Oh, my darling but what if you fly? - Erin Hanson

Sunday, February 14, 2016

The Adventures Of The Daughter Of A Hollywood Actress - Act 3

We ran thru the play (My Man Godfree) and some basic directions last Wednesday. It went pretty well for a cold read session and we all had a fun time and a lot of laughs. I have one line by myself "Not to Charlie Van Rumpole " and a few that are group lines which include "Married?" "To Whom?" "When Did This Happen" and "Who is the lucky man?"

I play female socialite #2. Two of my really good friends are socialites as well while one of my other friends plays the maid. The maid is kind of sarcastic and has some really funny lines. It is a perfect fit for her personality. She is going to be great at it!  It will be so much fun working on our lines together. I love how encouraging and helpful everyone is. We all have different experience and love to help each other out.

The class runs for two hours now instead of just one, which is fine for us (since we always want the class to go longer anyway), but I forgot to tell  my mom so she sat in the car for an hour with groceries. Oops!

I found out we will be doing another play during the summer as well! I am so excited!!!

This week's class was canceled because it snowed.  It's more green than white out, but that is Tennessee for you. Come on guys the northern states are laughing at us!

Until next time...


Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Valentine's Day Fashion Inspiration

Outfit 1:

 Outfit 2:
 Outfit 3:

Outfit 4:

 Outfit 5:

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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

When Life Gives You Lemons

Last night we watched a documentary called "Home Is Where Jesus Is" it was about the Christian refugees in Syria. As they went through the camps you are struck by how happy & kind they are- Even though they lost all - or most of their worldly goods. Some had lost children. When asked why they were so happy they responded with we have our beautiful families, and we have Jesus.

These people live for faith and family - they endure things I couldn't imagine in my worst nightmares and yet they have more joy than most people I have ever seen- more faith than most Christians I know.

They were and are willing to die for something most Christians in America aren't willing to live for... Life gave them lemons, but they made lemonade- A drink that unites, draws people together and they willingly share what little they have with others.

Let's try to be like them, even when life is unfair and bad, let us be a light in the darkness. Please keep our brothers and sisters around the world in your prayers.

Classical Homemaking
#Faith #Christian #PersecutedChurch

Thursday, February 4, 2016

The Adventures Of The Daughter Of A Hollywood Actress - Act 2

I SURVIVED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am officially an actress now. I've been cast as a socialite in our upcoming play My Man Godfrey. But more on that later. 

The audition was terrifying and nerve-racking. Everyone was putting in some last minute practicing before they were called in. 

Three of my best friends and I were being like the Bennet girls (pride and prejudice- the one with Keira Knightley)and trying to look and listen thru the cracks in the doors then we would run to the other side of the building to listen more clearly at another door then when they were finished we'd run back to our original post and strike an innocent and nonchalant pose.

Monday, February 1, 2016

Maybe We Should Be Moving Instead Of Blooming

You know the old refrain, "bloom where you are planted". That's all well and good, but what if that's not what God wants from us? What if instead of "blooming" we should be moving? Changing?

As I write this I am on Facebook chatting with an old friend. We basically grew up together. Her family moved to Africa to be missionaries a few years ago and communication has been... spotty? We haven't spoken in a little over 6 months.

I have so many memories of all of us together playing in the sun, sledding, camping out in the yard. Then slowly life pushed us in two different ways and we drifted apart. I guess you could say we grew up, changed with out realizing it at the time... Now looking back you can see just how much we have changed. But what about those times when He wants us to make a radical change? A proverbial U turn in the center of our highway.

That moment you feel the world pulling you in direction and a still small voice pulling your heart in another. I will forever remember one of my friends telling me "we are just kids, we can't do that" the that she was referring to was getting published. For a long time that sentence nagged at me, and I of course (I can't stand being told I can't do something) set out to prove that sentence wrong. Every time I hit the 'publish' button on a new blog post I can't help but smile.

Don't let the I'm just a kid hold you back if you feel Him pulling you in a different direction, follow Him. Chase Him with everything in you. Maybe the spot everyone is telling you is where you should be blooming is the exact opposite of what He has for you.

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