Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Beautiful Embroidered Linen Skirt Outfit

 Good morning. Sorry for disappearing its been a busy couple of weeks, the baby is doing great and is so adorable! He is 4 weeks old today, and along with it comes his one month photo shoot. The prison still hasn't gotten him cleared to visit his mommy.  Lil' Britches went back to live with his parents two weeks ago, we miss him a lot. The house is very quiet without him. The weeks are now full of planting seeds, working in the yard, chores, school, blogging, meeting my friends in Africa to chat online, taking care of the baby, sewing and probably a lot more that can't remember -mostly due to the fact I didn't go to bed until almost 2 this morning and then got up at 7-.
This week I am wearing a white square neck shirt, white skirt, black leggings, black high-heels, a silver necklace and blue and green earrings.
Shirt: Thrift Store
Skirt: Thrift Store
Leggings: Walmart
Shoes: Borrowed From My Mom
Jewelry: Necklace: A Gift Earrings: A Gift