Saturday, January 31, 2015

California Trip | Day 6

Good morning! Today we are at the Mission San Juan Capistrano. It is so amazing here! The day was warm and sunny with a gentle cool breeze blowing through the palm trees above us.  It is a beautiful sound. Walking through the ruins of the old stone church was so peaceful, and beautiful. It's the kind of place that makes you want to spend hours there.  If you want to see more photos please check out our other blog (link is at the bottom of this post). 

Mission San Juan Capistrano was first founded October 30th, 1775 by Father Lasuen and a detachment of soldiers. But a few weeks after they received word of a revolt in San Diego, the group returned to San Diego to help. The mission was re-founded on November 1, 1776 (All saints day). It is the seventh of twenty-one to be founded in Alta California

 Like the other six missions, San Juan Capistrano was established to expand the boundaries of Spain and to spread Christianity to the Native peoples of California.The missions were the center of learning and training for the Natives. Over the next thirty years, the Mission grew by leaps and bounds. In 1806 Mission San Juan Capistrano had a population of over 1,000 people, over 10,000 head of cattle and they had completed the "Great Stone Church"

Sadly after 1812 the mission began to decline. An earthquake struck causing the Great Stone Church to cave in during a worship service, killing forty people who tried to escape through the doors that had been twisted in their frames. The Spanish government could not protect and keep the mission's supplied with the supplies they needed. In 1821 Mexico won its independence from Spain, By 1834 the Mexican government decided to end the mission system completely, the land from Mission San Juan Capistrano was divided and sold to twenty prominent Families from California. The Mission was sold at auction to John Forster Governor, Pio Pico's brother-in-law for $710 even though it was valued to be worth more than $54,000. Over the next twenty years, the mission was a private ranch property of the Forster family

In 1848 California became part of the United States as part of the "Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo" Only two years after becoming a territory of the United States in 1850 it became a state. President Lincoln gave the mission back to the Catholic church.

On March 9th, every year at dawn swallows return to the mission to rebuild their mud nests clinging to the shell of the old Stone Church. People from all over the world gather to watch "the miracle of the swallows" as the birds arrive from Argentina. On October 23rd, they take flight again circling the mission twice as if to say goodbye then turn their wings back toward Argentina.  

So today I'm wearing a white knee length skirt, white tank top, tan sandals, dolphin necklace and clear stud earrings.

Skirt: Vintage Store
Shirt: Walmart
Jewelry: Necklace: SeaWorld Earrings:Walmart
Sunglasses: Ross

Our next stop? Huntington beach! I can't wait!!!!!!!!!!

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Sunday, January 25, 2015

California Trip | Day 5

"Cheyenne"Cheyenne wake up," My eyes snap open. Morning! SeaWorld! I jump out of bed OK stagger. Stagger is probably is a better word, considering it's still dark and my eyes are still blurry. I finally manage to find my clothes in my very large suitcase and head for the bathroom. Note to self-do not attempt at putting makeup on while still half asleep! The result is... well you can probably guess. So after fixing my makeup, I tracked down my shoes, which I had forgotten and left my the front door. Silly me! I zipped my suitcase back up and grabbed the camera bag and my purse and headed for the car. I feel a lot better today thanks to something mom and dad got for me. It's all foggy and beautiful! Finally, all at once the fog lifts to reveal the mountains and huge boulders.Gorgeous!!!!! 

First, we are heading to a military base to buy tickets. Then we are off to SeaWorld. Ok so we stopped at Starbucks for breakfast... and then drove by the house we lived in when Brianna and I were born and then we headed for the base. :) After that, it was straight on to SeaWorld! We had so much fun, especially when it came to getting in the water with the dolphins! 

For the record (just in case you ever wondered) wet-suits are a pain to get on. Think wet swimsuit and triple it. And yes you still end up wet in them (funny I always thought they were supposed to keep you dry) We walked through a ton of the park looking at all the amazing animals. It was the first time I've seen a lot of them. Some I hope I never get the chance to meet in the wild. Right, about now dad mentions that this was a great way to spend his birthday. Mom gasps, "Shoot! I completely forgot!" Brianna says something about she left his card on her dresser.  Oh man, do we all feel terrible!

We found a water ride, which was really fun but very, very cold! LOL! And of course, I was the one in the seat that no matter how the ride turns got wet... Really?? I think mom and dad forgot we are driving a rental car... We walked around some more and then decide to head back to Uncle Steve and Aunt Kathy's house.   Mom texted her brother and asked where to stop for a cupcake on the way home.  They said not to worry about it and that they would take care of it.  My poor uncle and aunt are sick and still they went out to make sure my dad had a good birthday.  When we got there was a bunch of balloons on the table and a cake with a card and gift. They were so sweet!

 Tomorrow we are heading down (or is it up? Over?) to the beach! On the way, we are stopping at the San Juan Capistrano Mission. I can't wait! But I wish we didn't have to leave Uncle Steve and Aunt Kathy's... Tonight we are watching dolphin tale 2.

Today I am wearing a green and blue skirt, gray shirt, black shoes and anchor earrings.
Skirt: Vintage Store
Shirt: Vintage Store
Purse: A gift
Shoes: Walmart
Jewelry: earrings Clair's Boutique
Sunglasses: Ross

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Friday, January 23, 2015

California Trip | Day 4

Well still sick... Fun. Fun. Fun. Brianna and dad went to church with my aunts and my cousin's family. I really wanted to go, but I can't stop coughing. I have been sucking on cough drops like they are candy for the last few days. After they got back we drove down to my Uncle Steve and Aunt Kathy's. It was sad to leave... I haven't seen them in ages... but I can't wait to see Uncle Steve and Aunt Kathy.  The drive to their house was so beautiful! Because of all the rain they have been getting the mountains are all green. It reminded me of Ireland. There were so many rainbows, making me wish I could go trail riding.

Yep, no way I could sleep through this, I'll just have to stay sick. I have never seen that many in a row before. It was stunning! Mom suggested that I lean my chair back and try to take a nap. I looked between her and my window camera still in hand... No way. Way too much to see! Like a Buddhist temple, it looked like it was just dropped down from some far away country (never seen one of those before, but it was quite beautiful!) and rainbows, beautiful big rocks. Oh! and really big mountains with trails winding up them until they disappear into the clouds at the top of them. We finally got there just after dark. By this time, I was slightly wishing I would have taken that nap. Uncle Steve met us at the door and introduced us to Buddy there adorable little dog who was sitting in my cousin's lap. Aunt Kathy came out of the kitchen where she was making a huge meal and hugged us all. It was so nice to see them again!

Dad keeps teasing me that he is going to let my cousin Steve go swim with dolphins since I don't feel good. Between coughs (more like coughing fits... man I hate being sick!) I manage "Not. (hack) On. (Cough Cough) Your. (More coughing) Life." Everyone starts laughing. Aunt Kathy asks what that noise was and someone answers her that that was me (the life of the party *Wink*) coughing. She instantly sets about making my tea and calls it her special recipe.

After Dad and Uncle Steve went to bed we had a girls night with our aunt and watched a movie. She rented a dolphin movie because of our adventure tomorrow.  She gave us popcorn and we all got comfortable for the movie.

I can't wait for tomorrow! It would be nice if I could fall asleep but I can't... go figure. And we have to wake up early tomorrow. Sigh. Oh well, I guess I will be sick and half asleep playing with dolphins. Hey, the cold water should help!
 Today I am wearing a blue and green skirt, cream tank top and turquoise jacket, with a blue scarf with butterflies on it, a necklace with a C on it and starfish earrings. (and I forgot to take pictures of it so I have to use these ones I took while I was packing, hence the fact I'm holding my cat. Every time she sees a camera and me she has to be in the shot...)

Skirt: Vintage Store
Shirt: Vintage Store
Jacket: Vintage Store
Shoes: Ross
Jewelry: Necklace: I made Earrings: A gift

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Monday, January 19, 2015

California Trip | Day 3

 Well, I'm still sick... Today was Grandma's Memorial service. It was a really rough day for our family, we miss her so much. But it was so nice to see old family friends and family. It was the first time I've seen most of them in years. After the service, we went to my cousin Eric's house. Dad helped direct parking. It was slightly funny to watch, Picture my dad with a broken foot, lots of traffic.  The funniest part was when My Uncle Paul and Uncle Doug pulled up... it took them at least ten minutes to figure out how to park straight into a dead end part of the street. LOL!  It rained most of the day, but that didn't stop my younger cousins from playing with Eric's two black labs in the back yard during the reception.  After the reception Brianna and I went out to eat with my cousin Brandy and her family. We had such a fun time!

Today I wore a tan, gray and white floral skirt, gray shirt, brown high heels, pearl earrings and a book locket necklace.

Shirt: Vintage Store
Skirt:Vintage Store
Shoes: Vintage Store
Jewelry: Necklace: I Made Earrings, Burkes

My hair is done in a chain at the top and the ends are done in a fishbone braid. 

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Saturday, January 17, 2015

California Trip | Day 2

 Jet Lag and a cold! How fun!... ok so not really.

The family came over today... I couldn't stay awake. Why on earth do I have to be sick on vacation? I have been taking sambucol, vitamin c and using Thieves Oil like crazy the weeks before our trip.

Oh well, what can I do but sleep? I woke up a couple times and was able to hang out with everyone a little bit. It was so nice to meet the cousins I have never met and to be able to see the ones I know. My Aunt Teri and her two sons got in today. After everyone left Mom, Brianna and I slipped out to the Jacuzzi. The heat and steam made me feel a lot better. We went out to eat at "In and Out" tonight, it was ok. But I like El Pollo Loco better :)

Today I am wearing a red floral patterned knee length skirt and a white tank top. (I forgot my shoes inside when mom took the photos but I was wearing tan sandals.)

Skirt: Vintage Store
Shirt: Walmart

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Friday, January 9, 2015

California Trip | Day 1

 Today we flew out to California for my grandma's memorial service. Who knew 6 hours in a plane could be so exhausting. This is our first time traveling this far with all of us, But it went fairly smoothly. For some reason, my suitcase was the heaviest... Oh well, I loved flying!

So here is what I wore on the plane. It was super cold in Tennessee and not so in California so I wore a short skirt and added leggings. The dark brown long sleeve shirt was not overly warm so I layered it  and just removed the layers I didn't need as the climate warmed as I traveled west. I wore it with a snowflake necklace and stud earrings. My mom French braided my hair (I ended up taking the braid out in Texas and leaving the top part and just pulling it back into a ponytail).

Shirt:  Vintage Store
Skirt: Vintage Store 
Jewelry: Necklace: Target Earrings: Walmart

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Thursday, January 1, 2015

Romantic Skirt and Sweater Outfit

 Good morning! Well it's a new year... what will we do different this year? We've been getting ready to say goodbye to Grandma one last time and celebrate her life. We are cleaning the house so it will be nice when we get back, cleaning the chicken runs and putting fresh shavings down, Packing (who knew it could be so hard to find flip flops and sandals in the dead of a southern winter), and school.

 My adopted family is taking care of our animals while we are gone (Thanks Trish! You're awesome!). Right now dad is working on renting a car... Brianna is slightly disappointed we won't be renting a convertible. LOL. Ok, so driving down Pacific Coast Highway in a convertible would be nice. But I am not sure it is warm enough for it even in California.

I finished packing yesterday... Hey nothing like being prepared right? Besides I'll probably have repacked it no less then six times before we actually are on our way to the airport.
Today I am wearing a gray shirt, a cream, gray & tan printed skirt, brown high-heels, brown purse, pearl earrings and a book locket necklace. 

 Shirt: Vintage Store
Skirt: Vintage Store
 High-heels: Vintage Store
Purse: A Gift 
 Necklace: I made Earrings: Burke's