Thursday, August 25, 2016

When The Smoke Clears Book Review

Christian dashed down the sidewalk dodging puddles and clinging to the umbrella shielding her from the deluge. The weathered coffee shop sign creaked its greeting as she reached for the door and pulled it open. Quickly removing her rain coat and hanging it on one of the pegs by the door she made her way to the front counter. Lizzy's bright smile seemed to chase away the dampness of the day. 

"What can I get you?" 

"A cup of tea and a blueberry muffin would be great," she said as she picked up a book lying on a cart. "Have you read this one?" She asked as Lizzy turned around with her teacup. 

"Of course! It's wonderful!" 

"That's what you always say," She smiled over her shoulder as she placed a blueberry muffin on an old china plate. It was one of the many things Christian loved about this place. The smell of books mingled with fresh baked delights and tantalizing coffee. She slid the book under one arm before collecting her tea cup and plate and settling into a cozy oversized chair to one side of the empty fireplace. 

"Mind if I join you?" Lizzy asked dropping into the opposite chair and opening a book that was half finished. 

"Not at all," Christian smiled back. 


When 'The Smoke Clears' is an amazing about a North Cascades Smokejumper, Alexa Allen and was written by the author Lynette Eason. It is truly a wonderful read! This is the first book in her Deadly Reunions Series.  I have been reading Ms. Eason's work for awhile now and have loved them all and this one is not a letdown!
Trust me, you will lose sleep over this one, this book is loaded with suspense and peril. The characters are believable, the action realistic, and the plot is terrific!   Hold on to your seat and get ready for a wild ride.