Monday, April 15, 2013


A lot comes to mind with the word princess; such as puffy dresses, wands, crowns, high heeled shoes, jewels, prince charming, feather boas, Disney, and hot pink -the last one, one of my friends dislikes-. Proverbs 31 says that this princess is a "virtuous woman" in the year 1611 that translation was spot on, but our language has gone through many changes since then.  I mean look at just the last couple of decades and you can tell that the English language has changed so much.  Bad was once bad and then bad was good, awesome was once something that struck a person with a fearful awe and then it became something that was even the least bit good.  So with this word "Virtuous". 

There is a whole other side to this "princess". In Genesis 2:18 God says he is going to make women, The English translation says "I will make a helper for man" aka Adam. - I don't know about you but I love helping my family out but having that as a mission in life doesn't make me want to jump up and down with joy- on the surface it does not make me feel important or worth much. 

But lets dig deeper and take a minute to look at the word helper, shall we? The word used here in Hebrew is ezer. Its the verb form of azar which means, "to help, succour, support" Most of you have probably never even heard of the word succour and for good reason (unless you are home schooled that is or into classic literature), it's not a word that is used any more but its a word with a powerful meaning. It means someone who provides assistance in a time of great trouble. The word is Ezer and if you look in the original language of the New Testament it is found there 21. It for the most part is used referring to the military. According to Dr. Frank T Seekins in his booklet' A Mighty Warrior The Hebrew- Biblical View of a Woman' it is a military ally, one who sees the enemy. In this case the word Ezer stands with the word Chayil and that means one who is capable, strong, valiant; a mighty warrior.  Now that is an important role! Would you send a soldier into a battle alone?  Even Christ sent the apostles out into the world by twos.   A warrior on his own is vulnerable.  Who is there to watch his back in the onslaught of the enemy?

So the Princess that God calls us to be -that's us girls- God sees as a warrior. Although we live in a culture/world that tries to pull our hearts and lives toward the things of this world. God calls us to battle. Will you answer the call?

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