Sunday, January 5, 2014

A Week Of Gorgeous Skirt Outfits


Purple Shirt: Christmas Gift
White Skirt: Vintage Store
Purple Tank: Hand-me-down
Black Heels: My Mom's 
Jewelry: Purple Necklace: Christmas Gift Pearl Earrings: Christmas Gift 

Hi there! Sorry for disappearing on you for the last couple weeks. Its been a roller coaster ride here. We all were sick over Christmas and my Grandma was in the hospital. Then out of town family came to visit. Long story short life is crazy here but then again that's why this is called "My Crazy Life". Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and that 2014 will be filled with amazing blessings. 


Green Shirt: Christmas Gift
Brown Skirt: Christmas Gift 
Brown Leggings: Sam's Club
Jewelry: White & Gold Necklace: Christmas present  Pearl Earrings: Christmas Gift
Black Boots: Walmart 

We have been working on a nursery for the baby we will be caring for with this ministry we are working with. The baby is due in February. Today I started taking the Christmas decorations down and putting up 
Valentines decorations. Next week is my dad's birthday, he has been going crazy trying to guess what we got him (wink) and if he didn't read my blogs I would put what we got him but since he does... well my lips are sealed.


Purple Shirt: Christmas Gift
Blue Jean Skirt: Vintage Store
Black Boots: Walmart 
Silver Horse Necklace: A Gift


Purple Shirt: Christmas Gift
Purple Skirt: Vintage Store
Black Heels: My Mom's
Jewelry: Purple Necklace: Christmas Gift Purple Earrings: World Market 


Green Shirt: Christmas Gift
Pink/rose sweater: Vintage Store
Brown Leggings: Sam's Club
Black Heels: My Mom's
Rose Printed Skirt: I Made
Jewelry: Necklace: Pink Dragon Fly Pearl Earrings: Christmas Gift


Navy Blue Jacket : Target 
Black Tank: Hand-me-down
Blue & Black Skirt: Vintage Store
Black Boots: Walmart
Jewelry: Aqua Blue Necklace: Christmas Gift Aqua Blue Earrings: World Market 


Navy Blue Jacket: Target
Blue Floral Printed Skirt: Vintage Store
Black Sequin Scarf: Ross (Christmas Gift)
Jewelry: White & Gold Necklace: Christmas Gift Gold Tear-Drop Earrings: World Market 
Black Heels: My Mom's

Behold I Will Do A New Thing -  Isaiah 23:19

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