Sunday, February 2, 2014

My Crazy Life -With A Side Of News

Hey everyone! Sorry for not posting much is is tough running two blogs by yourself and keeping up with school, spending time for the family and caring for Lil' Britches (The child our family is caring for though the ministry we are working with) caring for our much loved animals, keeping up with my hobbies ect. So I have been doing some thinking and shifting prioritizes.
Brown Shirt: Thrift Store
Blue Printed Skirt: Thrift Store 
Brown Corduroy Jacket: Thrift Store
Blue Jean Leggings: Walmart 
Gray Boots: Ross 
Jewelry: Necklace: A Gift Earrings: A Gift (Not from Africa :) )
I used some ribbon for a headband.

 First, as much as I love doing My Crazy Life - A Week Of Modest Clothing- I just don't have the time and especially with the baby coming (another child we will be taking care of through this ministry). So I will be taking it down to one outfit per week. Sorry ladies, but I hope you will stay with us!

Second, I talked to my very dear friends who moved to Africa three years ago as missionaries (ever wonder how I come up with Jewelry from Africa?) about joining this blog as co-writers! They think it will be a lot of fun and said they will think about it! Keep your fingers crossed!

Back to the Basics

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