Wednesday, December 24, 2014

5 Christmas Outfit Ideas

Well, its in the 50's here in middle Tennessee... not very Christmas-y but hey we are making the best of it. The lights are still beautiful, the cookies just as tasty. The tree smells heavenly... so now we just have to come up with something lovely to wear for Christmas day! Here are a few ideas, 

Outfit 1:

 Icy blue top with a crisp white skirt and a scarf in several shades of blue. Paired with black slip on shoes and snowflake earrings. I actually wore this to our youth groups Christmas party (everyone calls me Elsa there so I decided to go with it)

Scarf: it's actually handmade
Sweater: Vintage Store
Skirt: Vintage Store
Shoes: Walmart
Earrings: Burke's

Outfit 2:

Sparkly red shirt with a red cardigan with red sequins sewn on. White skirt, black high-heels, pearl earrings, and white jeweled necklace. Oh and red nail polish!

Shirt: Ross Store
Cardigan: Ross Store
Skirt: Vintage Store
Jewelry: Necklace: Burke's Bracelet: A gift Earrings: Burke's
Shoes: My Mom's

Outfit: 3

Red top with sequins, black skirt and black high-heeled boots, with pearl earrings and a simple charm necklace.

Skirt: Ross 
Shirt: Vintage Store
Boots: Vintage Store
Jewelry: Necklace: A Gift Earrings: Burke's

Outfit: 4

Red short sleeve top, red gingham skirt and black high-heels with a pearl necklace and earrings. 

Skirt: I made
Shirt: Vintage Store
Shoes: DSW
Jewelry: Necklace: My grandma's Earrings: Burke's

Outfit: 5

Red dress with black shoes, Shiny earrings and pearl necklace.
Dress: Ross
Shoes: My Mom's
Jewelry: Necklace: Sears Earrings: Claire's Boutique

Merry Christmas!

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