Monday, September 12, 2016

On Being A Lady - Staying With Friends

You find yourself staying with friends? Whether spending the night or an extended period of time, there are always ways to make them enjoy your company while you are with them.

1. If you your stay is extended at the friend's house and you are sleeping there, clean the room that you slept in. Strip the bed and make it with fresh sheets and leave it as clean or better than you found it. If you are there more than a week you should sweep the room or vacuum the floor. This will bless your friend.

2. Do you own dishes, or stick them in the dishwasher. NEVER leave them all over the counters.

3. Ask before you leave the table with food or drinks.

4. If you are staying a long period of time, offer to pitch in around the house.

5. Also, if you are staying a long period of time do your own laundry. Don't expect to be waited on.

6. If you mess with it, put it back.

7. Keep your things neat, don't spread them all over your host's house, or the room you are staying in.

8. Never leave your host to clean up a huge mess, that you helped create. When my friends that I pretty much grew up with come over after long stints in another country we always have sleepovers and I hate to say it but my room looks like and F5 tornado just tore through it. We dress up, act out book characters, do each other's makeup (usually with my crazy theatrical makeup), do each others hair etc. That's all fine and fun! Just help clean it all up.

9. Please don't announce that you hate some type of food at the dinner table, just leave it where it sits.

10. When you leave thank your host. If you stayed for a long period of time it would also be appropriate to give your host a small gift or a thank you card.

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