Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Lights...Camera...Action?- Movie Review- Caught in the Draft / Give Me a Sailor

Here are two Bob Hope comedies that are sure to have you rolling in your seats.

Caught In The Draft
A movie star who can't stand loud noises accidentally joins the Army. What could possibly go wrong?

Famous Hollywood actor Don Bolton is a vain movie star whose biggest fear is to be drafted. He definitely lacks the qualities of a good soldier, and he is so afraid of loud noise that he would not last a day in the service, let alone cope with hearing a single gunshot when he is on set shooting a war film at the studio. 

When Colonel Peter Fairbanks visits the studio set as a consultant for the war film, and with him, his beautiful daughter Tony. Don is smitten by Tony, and also realizes that his ticket out of the Army is to marry the colonel’s daughter to avoid the draft. But when Don realizes he's in love with her and try's to impress her pretending to join the Army. But things go horribly wrong, and he ends up enlisting for real. 

Give Me a Sailor
Bob Hope and Jack Whiting are amorous sailors. Martha Raye is the "ugly duckling" sister of beautiful Betty Grable. The complication? Everyone's in love with the wrong person: Martha pines for Jack who pines for Betty who pines for Bob, and so it goes. 

When Walter tells Jim as soon as they get shore leave, he is going to ask his beautiful girlfriend, Nancy Larkin to marry him. But Jim is also in love with Nancy so he begs Nancy's sister Letty to help break Walter and Nancy up. Letty agrees only under one condition, that he help's her to win Walter!

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