Thursday, May 5, 2016

Courage To Stand

If we have ever needed the courageous to stand on beliefs- on our morals it's now. This is no time to be timid, to back down, to blend in. This is no time to hesitate.

We need to ask God to empower this generation -our generation- and make them willing to risk everything for Christ. Our culture and country's morals are so depleted that they are virtually extinct, they could make the extinct creatures list, right up there with the dinosaur and who knows what else.

When we take the easy road, the path of least resistance we place ourselves in the path of compromise, and we go along with the crowd. We will remain ineffective in addressing and confronting the problems of this world.

We can no longer play it safe we can no longer hide our light under a bush and hope that life will always be safe and easy. Because it won't. Compromise is not an option no matter what other say, we are commissioned and commanded to be salt and light- so that we will stand out. We are supposed to be a beacon in the dark, a lighthouse. Not a broken light bulb.

Stand. Make a difference. Be who He made you to be. Because as a movie that just came out states so well, "God's Not Dead". When we hand over the reigns of our life and get our rear-ends out of the cockpit seat and let Him have control big things happen. But you have to have the courage to say "It's yours" and then release control- and follow wherever He leads.

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