Monday, July 11, 2016

Methuselah Project Review

It was a hot afternoon as he strolled leisurely up the sidewalk. The trees whispered overhead in the cool breeze that made the day pleasant. The sign over the shop creaked its welcome as he pulled open the door and stepped inside.
“Hello! What can I get you?” Liz smiled from behind the counter.
Lemonade and…” he studies the display case of goodies. “A cranberry orange muffin,”
“Coming right up!” She quickly began putting together his order.  He turned and studied the shelves of books that lined one side of the shop.
“Anything you recommend?” He asked hitching a thumb over his shoulder at the books, she glanced back at him and her eyes sparkled. She sat a plate in front of him with his muffin on it and stared at him for a moment as if to appraise him.
“Isle three,” she wriggled her fingers as if mentally counting. “Shelf 3, book number 12. I think you’ll like it,” He followed her directions and after a moment pulled the book from the shelf Methuselah Project. He smiled, how had she known? He took his order and found a comfy chair in the corner and opened the book.

Methuselah Project, by author Rick Barry is one of my all-time favorite books! I couldn't put it down, finished it in two days. If you like WWII Historical fiction and Captain America, look no further. Strap into your seat in the cockpit and prepare for a wild ride!

Barry does an amazing job with this great tale.  The characters are realistic and believable and Barry weaves the character's faith into the story in such a natural way that does not seem false of forced. It left me longing for more. It was one of those reads that people have to snatch it from your hands and hide it from you so that you can carry on with life! Yeah, go ahead and try it! I dare ya!

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