Tuesday, November 22, 2016

On Being A Lady - Please and Thank you

When someone offers you something- what do you say? If you just said "Yes Please," or "No Thank You," then your right! If not keep reading... The use of the word please is from the 14th century. It means to give pleasure or satisfy. So it would have been - may it please you to close the door. Sound funny? Maybe, but today as in the 14th century it is a show of good manners.

 1. If you are asking for something say please. If you need a favor from a friend or want to borrow something from your mom say "please".

2. If you don't want or do not like something say "No, Thank you".

3. If you would like something say "Yes, please". (Although in the south this would be yes sir or mam for those polite souls.)
"Thank you," Thank you fly's in the face of this "entitlement generation" and makes us stop and at least for a moment feel gratitude toward another. A well said thank you can change the morning of a busy waitress, make a hectic day feel worth it to a harried teacher or co-worker and warm the heart of a tired parent.

 1. When the waitress delivers your drink, or someone hands you something say "Thank You". Just remember, you can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.

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