Thursday, May 4, 2017

Lights...Camera...Action?- Movie Review- Three Girls About Town

I came across this screwball comedy a little while ago and my whole family loves. It involves murder, mystery, a disappearing body, and tons of laughs.

Sisters Faith and Hope Banner are hostesses at the Merchants Hotel that caters to different conventions that arrive in town. A magician's convention is just closing, and a mortician's convention is coming in and in the upstairs ballroom, a labor battle is waiting for the missing government mediator to arrive. 

The trouble starts when their youngest sister Charity arrives unexpectedly, and the sisters discover a corpse in the adjoining room. The trio, along with their manager, Wilburforce Puddle try to hide the body from everyone in fear that the bad press will shut down the hotel. Especially Faith's reporter boyfriend Tommy Hopkins, who’s trying to cover the murder for his paper. But the body just won't stay in one place, from a card game to the laundry to the coffin exhibit. If the body would ever stay in one place long enough.

Hope you enjoy.

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