Thursday, June 12, 2014

Aubrey's Sleeping Beauty Hair Style

I promised this tutorial awhile ago and here it finally is. It will probably work best on hair that is no shorter than elbow length (just because it has to wrap completely around the head). It also works best if your subject is able to hold still. Ready? Ok, let's get started!

First, you want to start with a small - medium section of hair on the side of the head above the eye at the temple (if the person who owns the hair has bangs now is the time for them to decide if they want them in the braid or not. If they do want them out have them hold them so you don't accidentally grab them and put them in the braid. Don't try to pull strands out after its braided.Trust me on this one).

Next part the section into 3 (see picture above) and begin braiding (if you do not know how Youtube has some great tutorial videos) I crossed over my three sections and then added sections of hair from the top and the bottom (see picture below).  Repeat this process going around the head (see photo 2)

This is what it should look like. Make sure you are braiding nice and tight as you go around the back (See picture below) of the head to keep it from slipping and leaving bagging spots at the back of the neck.

Once all the hair is completely into the braid (if you are leaving the bangs out make sure someone is holding them or they are clipped up). Once all the hair is in the braid keep braiding normally until you get to the end of all the hair. Lay it across the top of the head where you want it.

Then bobby pin end of the braid in place. Next, take the very end which isn't braided and slide it under the braid (you should not be able to see it). Use bobby pins to secure it and any other parts that look like they need it.

If you want you can add flowers on hair pins to cover the place you pinned the end of the braid.


  1. CUTE! I really want to give this a try! Thanks for linking up with WYWW… look forward to reading more!