Friday, April 3, 2015

He Love's Us

He love's you...
Three simple words we take so lightly. We sing to babies "Jesus loves me this I know..." we sing it in church "O, how he loves us..." Easter rolls in this year, and we race to church activities, Easter egg hunts, and family meals- stop, just for a moment.

Stop at the foot of the cross and listen to those words one more time. Turn off your phone for just a second and just listen. They will still be there. Really listen, "I love you," Can you hear Him? Can you almost see that day in your mind? Linger a moment longer and touch the rough wood. Trace the grain with your finger. Pick up one of the nails. Feel the weight in your palm... He loves you, so much he died for you.

We let those words slip by without much thought.

Remember this Easter, that it's not about the eggs, the candy, the hunts, the baskets, or even the time with family around the dinner table as delectable as that ham is...
It's about how much He love us...

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  1. Experiencing God's agape love made me realize how I could do a better job at loving myself and neighbor.