Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Summery Navy Blue Outfit

Hi guys! It's raining today so we can't work out in the yard today, so its house work for us- er ah ok so actually I am working on a photo book with the photos from our trip to California. But I'm inside and I'm working, so therefore I'm doing "House work" right? 

We got so much done in the yard last week! It looks wonderful. And I may have started the pool, what? Its almost Memorial day... its only about 5 weeks away, give or take a few days. The mower is still in the shop (going on week 2). AHHHHH! We really need to mow- and while it is possible to use our push weed-eater its is extremely unpractical on an acre and a tenth. Especially since we live on a very sharp hill.  I think we need goats. Think it would bother the neighbors? They are just big dogs right? Baaaahhhh. What? He has a cold! 

I finished a great book called The Confessions Of A Prayer Slacker by Diane Moody this morning. Loved it! 
Brianna is helping me out this week :) , She is wearing a blue printed skirt, and dark blue tank top today.
Skirt: Vintage Store
Shirt: Vintage Store
Sunglasses: Ross

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