Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Chiffon Skirt and Lavender Top

 Good morning! Hope you all had a wonderful Easter. We went to a local church to watch "The Thorn". It was great! Also over the weekend I managed to get into something and now I have welts from my wrist to my elbow that itch like crazy! Leave it to me to get into things.

Also over the weekend we decided to sponsor a little boy from Uganda. He is so cute, I can't pronounce his first name but the name after it is David so I call him that. Keep him in your prayers?

Someone is supposed to come pick up the mowers to fix them, so we can get the grass mowed. We are the only ones with really long grass in the neighborhood now. Hopefully they can fix it soon so we can get it mowed this week. In between thunderstorms that is. Who knows maybe by the end of the week everyone else's will be the same length as ours.

It's hot and muggy today like it is in summer, which is strange for April but that's Tennessee for you. Always doing the opposite of what you expect. Makes me wish the pool was open for swimming, and we were having a BBQ. The window next to me is open and my cat is staring at me, when I look at her she gives me a short meow. She is trying to figure out how to get in, but to her disappointment the screen in the window keeps her out.

The eggs in the incubator are supposed to hatch next week,  I still need to get a brooder set up for them. Hopefully the hatch is a good one and all 4 eggs hatch (and please God no roosters!).

Today I am wearing a purple sweater and cream skirt and cream shoes. For accessories and jewelry I am wearing a dark purple flower in my hair, black sunglasses, pearl necklace and bracelets and simple stud earrings. I parted the front part of my hair to one side and bobby pinned it there. Then I used a Bumpit to push up the back half of my hair and pulled it all into a ponytail. Then used the flower to cover the bobby pins.

You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart. Jeremiah 29:13

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  1. That soft purple sweater is beautiful on you! Love the photo of you with the bicycle!! Modest and also gorgeous! Love your blog...sorry I can;t comment very often :) <3