Thursday, March 31, 2016

Keep Your Feet In The Water

We all know (even the person that kills everything they try to grow- at least I hope they do...) that you have to water a plant for it to survive. It's the same thing for Christians only our water is the bible. Many of us barely crack a bible in a week- and many times not even on Sunday now that they conveniently place the verses up on the screen during church services.

A while ago my friend was over doing homework and asked to borrow my bible for her bible homework. I hadn't read my bible that day so we ended up doing it together. Somewhere along the line I happened to mention that I had read through the entire bible several times. I don't know who was more surprised- she that I had read it or I that she hadn't. Why is it not a given that we need to crack open the bible and read it instead of allowing it to collect dust on a shelf?

I love summer! One of my favorite parts is grilling out, over the years I've learned that you have to marinate certain kinds of meat before cooking it. Otherwise, it's dry, tough and gross. That is a great picture for us. We need that time in God's word to keep us from being dry and tough and letting the world overcome us with trials and hardships.

The same thing with tea- I live in the south always have (alright finicky people who are going,"you're from California"- I was born in southern California. See... From the south.) The south loves its tea. But to make a good batch it has to be steeped, the tea bag has to sit and allowed to flavor the water. We are like that. We have to be steeped in the word and just like a cup of tea the longer we are allowed to steep the stronger we are. 

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