Monday, June 27, 2016

10 Tips For Surviving Long Distance Friendships

Around 5 or 6 years ago my dearest friends moved away. We'd practically grown up together, almost every summer memory was with them. From making a homemade slip in slide on the front hill, to writing a play. It wasn't like they just moved to another house, they moved half way around the world. We found ourselves in a sort of dance, fighting time zones, crazy schedules, and spotty internet. Sometimes we would instant message for hours, sometimes all we got to type was "I miss you,".

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I'll be honest, it was hard. The next time they were back in the states we had a lot of learning to do about each other. So how do you survive? Patience. Lots and lots of patience.
Fill a notebook with letters, pictures of you guys together etc. once it's filled send it to them. My friends moved to Africa, so we put together a care package and send it with groups of missionaries going over.
  • When you do get to talk, be honest. Ask questions, tell them what's on your heart.
  • Take full advantage of video chats! I love how Facebook has given us this option, when the internet is functioning properly we spend hours talking to each other. It's so good to hear each other's voices and when able see each other.
  • Leave quick instant messages for each other, even if it's just "thinking of you", "Miss you" or"Praying for you". They'll know you haven't forgotten them.
  • Don't leave all of the reaching out to the other person. Give and take. This is how friendship is supposed to be.
  • Make time for the other person- even if you have to get up a little earlier or stay up a little later.
  • Don't do all the talking, be there for the other person. Sometimes we need a listening ear, a shoulder to lean on- even if it's an ocean away.
  • Come up with things that you can do together, even when you aren't next to each other. Like read the same book, or write a story together. Be creative.
  • Come up with a bucket list of things to do when you are together again.
  • Pray. Pray that if it's His will your friendship will remain strong, that He will strengthen your friendship.

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