Tuesday, June 7, 2016

On Being A Lady - Party Manners

Alright, Cinderella, so you're going to your first ball (ok probably not) what do you do. Ever cringe while watching movies where Americans are with royals?

So today let's cover some basic table manners.

1. Don't be loud or wild and encourage others to treat your friends home with respect. If you break something, clean it up and replace the item if possible with a new one.

2. If you make a mess clean it up, offer to clean up and help with the dishes if that is the format for the event.

3. Don't dunk your food twice in the dip, no matter how good that dip was. Double dipping is very rude.

4. When at the table eating always keep your elbows in at the table and do not put them on the table.

5. Use your napkin. Unfold (don't snap your not a magician performing an act.) your napkin and place it on your lap.

6. Don't lick your knife or your fingers (OK, maybe only if it is Bbq. and you are at a casual picnic but use your napkin please).

7. Don't take the biggest thing on the serving plate or take too much. There are other people that are there and hungry take others into account. If it is a buffet type of event, don't rush in but let others go before you.

8. When the butter is passed, take some with a butter knife and place it on your plate by the rim and use that butter for your bread or roll.

9. Complement the meal but don't over exaggerate or embarrass your host or date. Don't say this is the best chicken I have ever eaten. Roses chicken is always so dry but this is the best in the world. Don't tear someone down to lift up another (and never compare it to your mother's)

10. Thank your host or hostess for the meal.

11. Do not leave without thanking your host or hostess.

12. It is also nice to drop a note in the mail thanking them again and telling your friends how much you enjoyed their event.

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