Thursday, July 3, 2014

Red White And Blue Flag Skirt

 Hey guys! Sorry its been so long since I have posted on of these its been a little... well crazy. A couple weeks ago we had to put our dog down. It was really hard on our family, plus trying to keep up with my friend's crazy scheduled so we can spend some time together before they go back to Africa, keeping up with the yard work and gardens, and we have out of town family visiting. So it's been a little hectic. :) But I'm looking forward to some fun tomorrow!

Happy Independence Day to all my American friends. I love the 4th of July! From the food to the fireworks to just spending time with my family. I love it! So today I'm wearing a skirt I made (Check out my post about it here) in red white and blue (I told you I loved it), a black tank, a black vest, silver flip flops, red white & blue star earrings, Cowboy hat necklace, red, white & blue scarf (flag pattern). When it gets to Red, White and Blue I can be very serious... LOL!

Shirt: Walmart
Vest: Ross Store
Flip Flops: Ross
Skirt: I made
Accessories: Scarf: Walmart
Jewelry: Necklace: I made Earrings: Walmart