Monday, February 2, 2015

California Trip A Day At The Beach

My Sis and I heading to the beach!
Good morning friends! How are you all? Wow, who knew a week could go by so fast! We are heading back home tomorrow. "Home" that seems so strange to say now... as soon as I stepped onto the beach it felt like home. I hate to leave... I love it here so much! We have had such a great time, but there are still so many things we want to do. So much more time we want to spend with our family. Ahh, another time... So here we are, in Huntington Beach again. The place where my mom grew up. She is smiling again, it has been so long since we have all really laughed. It's such a beautiful place... at least as much as I've seen it from walking on the beach the last two days. Tonight my Aunt Debbie joined us after we dropped a bowl of soup off to our cousin who is pregnant and has a cold. :(. Wish she felt better so she could come with us.  Aunt Debbie is waiting for us at the restaurant to stay out of the breezes (she has a cold too).  She said to take our time, I can't seem to drag myself away.  It is like trying to say goodbye to a very old friend.  People buzz around me asking me to take their photographs too.  Everyone is so friendly and having such a good time. Ahhh, let me memorize the sound of the sea lapping the shore and the gulls flying above.

So, today I am wearing a tan/brown shorts and a white tank, silver cross necklace, and black sunglasses. I also somehow managed to get stuck with a black sweatshirt (weird thing is I didn't bring a sweatshirt my dad did...) and shoes? Umm no they stayed in the car! Sis is wearing a pair of green shorts a white top, black hat with a cross, a shark tooth necklace, and brown sunglasses (and of course it has fancy shiny jewel things on the side. After all we are twins!). She also brought her corduroy jacket.

Me:                                                             Sis:
Shirt: Target                                             Shirt: Target 
Shorts: Vintage Store                             Shorts: Vintage Store
Necklace: Mission San Juan Capistrano     Necklace: SeaWorld
Sunglasses: Ross                                       Sunglasses: Burkes
                                                                  Hat: Ross

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