Saturday, February 28, 2015

Mrs. Darcy's Coffee Shop - Gods And Kings

Snow flurries gently floated toward the ground where they turned the pavement white. The door opened and she couldn't help but smile as she stepped through into the small coffee shop.  Lizzy smiled "ahh your back. What can I get you?" She ordered, peppermint tea and a scone. Then turned and studied the shelves of books... A white spine with gold lettering on the forth shelf three from the end caught her eye. She pulled it from the shelf, settled into the chair by the fire and cracked it open to the first page...

Today's book is God's and Kings. An amazing book by Lynn Austin. It is book one in her Chronicles Of The Kings series. It follows the life of King Hezekiah (or Hezzy as we have nick named him... Hey its cute!) The story starts with Hezekiah as a young child being dragged from his bed and jerked into the world of adults as he witnesses his father sacrificing his older brother to "Moloch" [Molock] the "god of fire". It continues as her learns the love from his grandfather of the One True God, and fights for his life. I don't want to give away the story so I'll stop there. If you enjoy a great biblical story, this is definitely a series to read!

Click on the picture to buy it on Amazon. 

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