Monday, November 25, 2013

A Week Of Great Fashion Looks For Chilly Weather


Hey there! Welcome back! This week we are preparing for Thanksgiving, but I guess most of we Americans are. We have put up most of the Christmas trees the rest we will wait until after Thanksgiving. The front porch now is aglow with soft Christmas lights. Imitation candles rest in every window and Christmas music plays all day long.

Brown Shirt: Vintage Store
Brown / Burgundy Skirt: A Gift
Boots: Ross


In my family, we always have at least one tree up by Thanksgiving (sometimes more). My Grandma use to do all the decorating when I was little but now that I am older and it's not so easy for her to dart up and down ladders I have taken it over (under her careful supervision of course). This year I am using grapevine garland instead of the green stuff or whatever you call it to keep the colors as light as possible. 

Jean Skirt: Vintage Store
Blue/Purple Shirt: Vintage Store
Blue Sweater: Vintage Store


 My dad's nature tree we plan on decorating tonight when he gets home from work. It is a little over 8 feet tall so if I look short in these photos that's why. It is always fun decorating the tree as a family especially when we get the real one. I love the smell of fresh Christmas trees! It always makes me happy!

Brown Shirt: Vintage Store
Cream Tank: Ross 
Brown Sweater: Vintage Store
 Tan Scarf: I Made
Cream Lace Shoes: Walmart
Brown Skirt: Thrift Store


It is pretty cold here, actually, it snowed today. The dogs had fun chasing us in it. My mom tried to get some shots but most came out blurry :( oh well guess we are just too fast. Still fun, though.  It has not snowed here in the last few years.  They say it will just be a dusting today but I will enjoy it while I can.   Do you get snow where you live? 

Brown Shirt: Vintage Store
Cream Tank: Ross
Tan Sweater: A Gift
Tan Skirt: Vintage Store
Cream Lace Shoes: Walmart


Fresh flowers just make things look more beautiful.  We are always looking out for a good sale on flowers to brighten up the day.  It is my dad's tradition to pick mom up a pretty bouquet every week when he can.  Nothing makes momma smile like pretty flowers.  It just makes her week.  

Jacket: Target
Shirt: Vintage Store
Tank: Ross
Skirt: Vintage Store
Shoes: My Mom's


 Brown Sweater: Vintage Store
Brown Shirt: Vintage Store
Tan Skirt: Vintage Store 
Tan Knit Scarf: I Made
Black Knit Hat: Walmart

Time to go and get eggs for the day and I am bundled up for sure. It sure has gotten chilly here fast.  I miss the warm weather but I do love the colors of the fall.  I hurry up today as the wind is especially cold.  Brrrrrrr...


Nothing like a warm and cozy house with a fire in the hearth and a good book to read.  I love this spot for my devotions.  The gentle morning light coming through the window and the beauty of the Christmas Tree.  It sits right by the fireplace too so it is warm. 

Green Shirt: Vintage Store
Black Skirt: Ross
Black Knit Hat: Walmart

Though the mountains be shaken and the hills be removed, yet my unfailing love for you will not be shaken nor my covenant of peace be removed,” says the Lord, who has compassion on you. Isaiah 54:10

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