Friday, November 1, 2013

Facing The Giants Movie Review

Hello friends!  How has your week been?  Is it just me or has the week just flown by?  Well, here is another movie that I really like.  I am not one that normally likes sports movies but this one was different. Facing The Giants is a movie about the coach of a Christian high school football team that's team is continually losing.  After his star football player transferred to a new school and the team's losing streak continues, the school wanted to start looking for a new coach.  The coach with financial troubles at home and his life seeming to fall apart around him creates a new team philosophy with amazing results for his team and his life.

His motto was we need to praise God if we win, or if we lose.  Is that ever true, but hard to do.
Have you seen this movie?  I would love for you to tell me what you thought.  Also, write in and tell me if what your favorite movie is.  We LOVE to hear from you!

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Starring Alex Kendrick as Grant Taylor, Shannen Fields as Brooke Taylor, James Blackwell as Matt Prater, Bailey Cave as David Childers, Steve Williams as Larry Childers, Tracy Goode as Brady Owens, Jim McBride as Bobby Lee Duke, Tommy McBride as Jonathan Weston, Jason McLeod as Brock Kelley

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