Thursday, November 7, 2013

Stitches & Thimbles #2

My mom and I actually drafted the pattern for this skirt and I absolute love this it. It is so comfortable!  (we call the style a Mary-Margret Skirt). Its a simple circle skirt but we designed it to be able to either have a zipper or elastic waist band. 

I cut my pattern out and pinned it right side out.


I am using french seams on this skirt so it (Here is a link on how to do it)

This what it looked like after I sewed it.

I trimmed the seam 

Flipped so wrong sides are showing.

I ironed the seam.

Sewed the seam again.

This is what it looked like after. Then I added an elastic waist band hemmed the bottom.

This is what it looked like finished. To see more pictures of this skirt visit Modest Monday #12

This skirt is the same pattern just with a zipper instead of elastic. To view more photos of this skirt visit 

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