Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Princess Costume 1

Today my beautiful and wonderful twin Brianna is helping me out. Doesn't she look pretty? She wore this outfit 2 years ago, and really loved it! I mean she was just GLOWING when she saw the dress and you could tell that she felt pretty in it.  Isn't that so important?  Everyone needs to feel pretty once in awhile, right?  It reminds me of this day last year.  Man, it was a horrible day... I had gone on errands with my dad up in Kentucky and we started having car trouble.  When I say trouble I mean it felt like the car was shaking apart.  Next thing I know the hubcap goes flying off the car on the freeway and the lug nuts go flying (See, I told you it was a bad day.)  It was hot, and I was scared.

We limped to a repair shop, had to hang out in the sweltering humid day.  At the end of the day, we are driving a rental car, dad pulls into a pizza place and goes in to get us dinner to take home.  A lady pulls up beside us and I didn't even want to look over at her. I was hot, sweaty and my hair was a mess.  The license plate on the back of the car said Florida and she was from Florida.  She came up to me asking where in Florida I was from.  I explained that we were not, but that it was only a rental car.  She seemed disappointed to have us not be neighbors and began to turn to go.  Then she said, You look really beautiful."  I didn't know what to say.  Who me? Today? Now? I smiled and thanked her and God for giving me a little hug on a very bad day.  

Well, here we go.  Here is my sister in her princess dress costume.

Over Dress: Goodwill Prom Dress
Long Sleeve Under Dress: My mom made (It's actually a bible costume from when we were in our church's Easter play from years ago.) 
Boots: Co-op (their riding boots)
Cross necklace: A gift 
Crown: Hobby Lobby
She chose not to wear glitter or earrings but did use some blush and like me forgot to use sunscreen (oops)... I think she had a waterfall braid starting at her temples and brought back and fastened together in the back of her head.  I will have a tutorial on how to do waterfall braids up soon for those that are interested. :) 

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