Thursday, May 8, 2014

Princess Costume 2

Today one of my awesome best friends, Aubrey is helping me out. She and her sister came with us to the Renaissance Fair two years ago right before they moved to Africa as missionaries. This is the dress that she wore. I think she looks absolutely gorgeous! (My room may have looked like a twister hit it the next day but it was totally worth it!) Oh and the giant turkey legs were delicious. We had so much fun that year! Despite the fact that we all we're not wearing sunscreen and it was very very hot that day.

Over Dress: My mom made for me years ago. 
Off the Shoulder White Shirt: She borrowed from my closet. 
Long Green Skirt: Thrift Store.
Boots: My sisters? Not really sure where those came from. 
Gold Coin Earrings: My mom gave me and she borrowed them 
Cross Necklace: My Sisters 
Crown: She bought at a booth there.

Makeup & Hair: eye shadow, blush, I think mascara and we spayed her down (or is it up?) with glitter. She has her hair in a simple braid with a part on each side of her face pulled out to frame her face.

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