Thursday, May 29, 2014

Beautiful Costume Inspiration

We went to the Renaissance Fair last weekend and had a great time! If you want to see some more photos we took click here. Lots of people asked if they could take a picture of the four of us together. This year Aubrey was a princess, Brianna a pirate, and Anna and I were Fairies. Which means a lot of glitter was used in the process of getting ready. We weren't even ready by the time we had to go so most of the glitter/makeup went on in the car (don't worry the back seat isn't covered in glitter).  The little children that are there at the festival love fairies and they just gasp when they see us.  They always turn to their parent and say, "Look, a fairy!".  It is so sweet.  We wanted to bring little colored stones to pass out to them as fairy stones but we forgot them in the mayhem that was us getting to the car in a timely manner (ha ha, right dad?)  

Aubrey looked absolutely stunning in this dress! The only problem was her shoe broke while there so I kept having to fix it. So I called her Cinderella for the rest of day. I french braided her hair around her head and bobby pinned it in place (I'll post a tutorial on how to do it soon). It held really well through out the day and look beautiful. Right before we left I sprayed it with glitter so it sparkled in the sun. Everyone there thought she had her hair done in one of the professional hair braiding shops there.  

Dress: We bought at the Renaissance Fair last year
Tank: I have no idea, Africa some place.
Jewelry: Earrings: World Market 
Shoes: I think we got them at Target a really really long time ago?
Accessories: Ribbon Belt: Hobby Lobby  

I adore this dress on Anna! She looked amazing!!!! I pulled the top part of her hair back into a pony-tail leaving her bangs out, and then braided small pieces of hair in the back and let them hang down her back. I put a hair dagger (or if you want to get technical it's a letter opener but why ruin all the fun, right?) through the pony-tale scrunchy to hold it in place. Right before we had to get in the car we sprayed her hair and dress with glitter. Lots of people loved her hair.

Over Dress: My mom made
White shirt: Bought a few years ago at the Renaissance Festival.
Green Skirt: Thrift Store
Shoes: Hers
Jewelery: Necklace: A gift Ring: from Africa
Accessories: Wings: My mom made Hair Dagger: Hobby Lobby

Brianna looks beautiful in this pirate outfit! I think I parted her hair in four pieces and braided each piece separately and then pulled it back into a pony-tail. Then I took a leather strap and cris-crossed it around her hair all the way down securing it with a scrunchy.  A lot of people really love the blue shirt she was wearing! It really popped her eye color out.

Brown Shirt: Thrift Store
Blue Shirt: Renaissance Fair
Skirt: Thrift Store
Boots: Co-op
Jewelry: Bracelet: Burkes Earrings: Burkes Necklace: I made
Accessories: Belt: Hobby Lobby Dagger: Renaissance Fair Bag: Hobby Lobby Bow: Renaissance Fair

Surprisingly the metal on my shirt didn't burn my skin off (just turned it green. LOL!) but this costume was really fun! All I did with my hair is have my mom put it in sponge curlers the night before while my hair was slightly damp and then in the morning I just put it in a side pony-tail.  And of course I had my sister spray glitter on my hair and skin (Let's just say she had way to much fun with a spray can of glitter. I could swear I heard her laughing)

Shirt: I made the chain-mail one link at a time (and it took a really long time and gave me some horribly sore fingers) and my mom made the fabric part (which may I say takes a lot less time then hooking metal circles together)

Skirt: My mom made
Boots: Walmart
Jewelry: Bracelet: A gift Necklace: I made Earrings: A gift Crown: Renaissance Fair
Accessories: Sticker: World Market Ears: Renaissance Fair Wings: My mom made Vambrace (the brown things on my arms): I made

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