Friday, May 9, 2014

Fairy Princess Costume

I love my friends so much they are such good sports! Today my other best friend is helping me out. She wore this dress two years ago. Doesn't she look pretty? This dress we came up with very last minute but it came out so beautiful. I added a bit of bead work and that was it. The little kids at the Renaissance Fair absolutely loved her!!!! OK so on to her outfit.

 Outer Dress: Ross (I hand beaded it with some beads to make it sparkle.)
Under Dress: My mom made for a Fairy Birthday we has several years ago.
Shoes: Brown sandals 
Tear Drop Earrings:World Market 
Green Necklace: Christmas Gift 
Crown 1: Hobby Lobby 
Crown 2: She bought at a booth at the Renaissance Fair 
Makeup: Glitter (Walmart), Eye shadow, blush, Sticker (World Market)
Accessories: Wings (Ross)

Right before we left we sprayed glitter on her hair, arms & dress. She wore a light eye shadow and blush. The sticker she just stuck on her cheek (Sticker from World Market)

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