Saturday, January 17, 2015

California Trip | Day 2

 Jet Lag and a cold! How fun!... ok so not really.

The family came over today... I couldn't stay awake. Why on earth do I have to be sick on vacation? I have been taking sambucol, vitamin c and using Thieves Oil like crazy the weeks before our trip.

Oh well, what can I do but sleep? I woke up a couple times and was able to hang out with everyone a little bit. It was so nice to meet the cousins I have never met and to be able to see the ones I know. My Aunt Teri and her two sons got in today. After everyone left Mom, Brianna and I slipped out to the Jacuzzi. The heat and steam made me feel a lot better. We went out to eat at "In and Out" tonight, it was ok. But I like El Pollo Loco better :)

Today I am wearing a red floral patterned knee length skirt and a white tank top. (I forgot my shoes inside when mom took the photos but I was wearing tan sandals.)

Skirt: Vintage Store
Shirt: Walmart

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