Sunday, January 25, 2015

California Trip | Day 5

"Cheyenne"Cheyenne wake up," My eyes snap open. Morning! SeaWorld! I jump out of bed OK stagger. Stagger is probably is a better word, considering it's still dark and my eyes are still blurry. I finally manage to find my clothes in my very large suitcase and head for the bathroom. Note to self-do not attempt at putting makeup on while still half asleep! The result is... well you can probably guess. So after fixing my makeup, I tracked down my shoes, which I had forgotten and left my the front door. Silly me! I zipped my suitcase back up and grabbed the camera bag and my purse and headed for the car. I feel a lot better today thanks to something mom and dad got for me. It's all foggy and beautiful! Finally, all at once the fog lifts to reveal the mountains and huge boulders.Gorgeous!!!!! 

First, we are heading to a military base to buy tickets. Then we are off to SeaWorld. Ok so we stopped at Starbucks for breakfast... and then drove by the house we lived in when Brianna and I were born and then we headed for the base. :) After that, it was straight on to SeaWorld! We had so much fun, especially when it came to getting in the water with the dolphins! 

For the record (just in case you ever wondered) wet-suits are a pain to get on. Think wet swimsuit and triple it. And yes you still end up wet in them (funny I always thought they were supposed to keep you dry) We walked through a ton of the park looking at all the amazing animals. It was the first time I've seen a lot of them. Some I hope I never get the chance to meet in the wild. Right, about now dad mentions that this was a great way to spend his birthday. Mom gasps, "Shoot! I completely forgot!" Brianna says something about she left his card on her dresser.  Oh man, do we all feel terrible!

We found a water ride, which was really fun but very, very cold! LOL! And of course, I was the one in the seat that no matter how the ride turns got wet... Really?? I think mom and dad forgot we are driving a rental car... We walked around some more and then decide to head back to Uncle Steve and Aunt Kathy's house.   Mom texted her brother and asked where to stop for a cupcake on the way home.  They said not to worry about it and that they would take care of it.  My poor uncle and aunt are sick and still they went out to make sure my dad had a good birthday.  When we got there was a bunch of balloons on the table and a cake with a card and gift. They were so sweet!

 Tomorrow we are heading down (or is it up? Over?) to the beach! On the way, we are stopping at the San Juan Capistrano Mission. I can't wait! But I wish we didn't have to leave Uncle Steve and Aunt Kathy's... Tonight we are watching dolphin tale 2.

Today I am wearing a green and blue skirt, gray shirt, black shoes and anchor earrings.
Skirt: Vintage Store
Shirt: Vintage Store
Purse: A gift
Shoes: Walmart
Jewelry: earrings Clair's Boutique
Sunglasses: Ross

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