Saturday, March 14, 2015

Mrs. Darcy's Coffee Shop - The Healers Apprentice

Sunshine made the snow covered sidewalk glow in the late afternoon light. She pulled her thick coat tighter. It was cold, but it was still a beautiful day.

"Good morning Lizzy" She called as she stepped through the door and began unwrapping her scarf and removing her coat to hang on the rack by the door. Lizzy poked her head out of the back room and smiled.

"Good morning! A Beautiful day isn't it? What can I get you?" Lizzy ordered. She ordered a chocolate chip cookie and a peppermint tea before scanning the rows of books for the perfect treasure- ahh there! "The Healers Apprentice" snuggling down into a chair by the fire she opened the book and flipped to the first page as she nibbled off the end of her cookie. Outside snow began to fall again...

The Healer's Apprentice written by Melanie Dickerson. This beautiful telling of a Christian fairy-tale loosely based on Sleeping Beauty is one that kept me enthralled until the last page. I love a good fairy-tale and this one was no exception. Of the books I've read by this author this is my favorite (but I could be just a tad prejudiced because I LOVE Sleeping Beauty). I love how believable the characters are. 

Open the cover and dive head first into Rose's world. The daughter of a Woodcutter turned the apprentice of the town's healer and make new friends along the way. But beware not everyone is who they seem to be... 

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