Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Leaf Print Skirt And Sweater Outfit

Good morning! Its a bit dreary today... it supposed to rain for most of the week. Anyone care for a boat load of mud? LOL! Well I'm sure someone other than me could do something creative with it, I really can't stand mud. Especially when the chicken decide to lay their eggs at the back of the runs where there is no door and I have to crawl through it to get them. But hey, on the bright side- its much warmer than last week! Which is very nice.

Yesterday mom and I were working on matching skirts, I can't wait to get them finished!
So today I am wearing a gray top, brown and cream skirt, camera necklace and tan sandals.

Skirt: Vintage Store
Shirt: Vintage Store
Necklace: I Made
Shoes: Ross

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