Sunday, February 28, 2016

The Adventures Of The Daughter Of A Hollywood Actress - Act 4

News Update 1: After begging and dreaming and searching and praying, I am finally going to learn how to play the violin. Screams. Giggles. Clapping. Jumping up and down. Though I'll have to wait till after the play. I can't believe I well finally be able to play the songs I've always wanted to.

Mission Impossible,
Game of Thrones (terrible show but great soundtrack),
The Hanging Tree,
Safe and Sound,
Misty Mountains (from the Hobbit),
Now We Are Free (from Gladiator),
My favorite songs from Pirates of the Caribbean (He's a Pirate, Hoist The Colors and My Jolly Sailor Bold) and The Last of the Mohicans (The Kiss, Promentory, and I Will Find You).

News Update 2: Rehearsals for the play is going well. I think we are supposed to have all of the lines memorised and by this week. Scary. But we must be doing good because we keep cracking our teacher up. We don't have time to make the costumes historically accurate (it's supposed to be set in the 30s) so we're are trying to go for at least a vintage look (40s or 50s).

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