Monday, February 22, 2016

Romantic Updo Hairstyle

For This hairstyle, we sectioned off the top part of the hair over the left ear and braided it.  We put an elastic band to hold it and then set aside.  The rest of the hair was separated in three or for sections. 
These were brushed and swept back from the face and clipped to keep out of the way.  Then one at a time they were pinned using bobby pins into rosettes.  When they were done we just moved on to the next one.  

We have them set one on top, next two and one on the bottom. When they were set like we liked them we pulled the braided section and pulled it up over the head like a head band and then under the hair.  This braid is then finessed into the hair and bobby pinned in place.  We bought flowers at Hobby Lobby and glued them to special flat plated bobby pins and used them to decorate the hair further. 

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