Tuesday, February 9, 2016

When Life Gives You Lemons

Last night we watched a documentary called "Home Is Where Jesus Is" it was about the Christian refugees in Syria. As they went through the camps you are struck by how happy & kind they are- Even though they lost all - or most of their worldly goods. Some had lost children. When asked why they were so happy they responded with we have our beautiful families, and we have Jesus.

These people live for faith and family - they endure things I couldn't imagine in my worst nightmares and yet they have more joy than most people I have ever seen- more faith than most Christians I know.

They were and are willing to die for something most Christians in America aren't willing to live for... Life gave them lemons, but they made lemonade- A drink that unites, draws people together and they willingly share what little they have with others.

Let's try to be like them, even when life is unfair and bad, let us be a light in the darkness. Please keep our brothers and sisters around the world in your prayers.

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